Oct 29

In our business, clients need to be sure the replicated discs we manufacture will be accurate and compatible with DVD players and DVD software players out there. How do we do that? We run a bit by bit software test of the original master on all orders to verify there are no bad sectors on the disc. After we create a glass master and stamper, we put it on the line and replicate a set of check discs to also be verified and QC tested on multiple players. Not everyone employs this end to end process of quality control, but it is one of the reasons VE has become the best in the industry at ensuring there are no bad discs! Combine our data verification process with our exceptional customer service and project management, and it becomes clear why VE Associates is the “go to” company for clients that need to make sure their project is done right!

Sep 12

September is here, summer is over (even if it’s still hot!), football is back, and our kids are back in school! This also means educators and teachers everywhere are printing study-guides, manuals, books and all sorts of course materials for their students for the semester. This can be quite a headache if they end up dealing with multiple companies and printers who don’t know what the other is doing… This is where VE Associates, Inc. differentiates itself from the rest; by providing a full service, one stop shop for all of their printing needs. From beginning to completion, VE handles all aspects of unique custom printing projects and provides excellent customer service throughout the entire process, leaving customers feeling like that had a positive experience. At VE, we know this time of year can be stressful and busy for educators and understand your experience with getting the materials you need to succeed should not add to your stress, but rather alleviate it. To learn more about how VE can help you with your printing needs, just give us a call at 1-877-474-7277 and speak with one of our knowledgeable account representatives.

May 29

As we become increasingly more aware of our own impact to the environment and how we can improve our CD and DVD replication processes and packaging materials to be more “green”, we have noticed a trend in this digital era, that more and more companies are distributing their yearly catalogs and manuals in the PDF format on a printed CD; rather than the previous method of printing and binding physical catalogs. Not only are they saving the paper, ink and binding materials in regards to the environment, they are saving money in shipping as a CD weighs much less than a 100 pg printed catalog. It just makes too much sense! Also, VE Associates, Inc. has the ability to create autolaunching welcome screens when the CD is inserted to a PC computer, to help navigate the user to the correct PDF if there are multiple files. The splash screen can also include a logo, a link to the company web site, video clips, photos, audio files, and anything else the end user might find helpful. If you’re still printing your yearly catalogs, give VE a call to discuss making the transition to CD!

Jun 15

Did you know that VE Associates, Inc. prints study guides, manuals and books of all sizes, colors and binding options? We make the process simple and intuitive, providing templates and excellent customer service/support from the beginning to delivery of project. If it’s applicable, we can also provide a paperless version of your study guide, manual or book in the form of a PDF burned on a CD for a more affordable distribution option. The experts at VE Associates can assist you in all of your printing and CD/DVD replication needs. Call VE to find out more about all of our services and how they can really benefit your goals in printing and distribution of your next project. Call 1-877-474-7277!

May 24

Helping our customers figure out a custom and unique packaging solution for their products is not only fun for us, but it’s also the first step in our process of providing the right solution, with the right design, at the right price. Once we’ve ironed out a potential packaging solution, a mockup is created for approval along with a custom die-line. With this die-line, we can then interface directly with our customers back and forth in order to acheive an eye-catching design that really stands out, and delivers results. There are so many different packaging options available out there, that many people get frustrated, and get nowhere dealing with the more inexperienced companies that do not have the trained staff that VE Associates does. This is our strength! VE can make this process easy for you, always explaining what the next steps are… the bottom line is, instead of getting lost wasting precious time in the infinite wasteland of packaging options that aren’t right for you, allow the experts at VE to help you move on the best option for your product. Some more information and visual examples can be found on our subdomain packaging.veassociates.com.

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