May 29

As we become increasingly more aware of our own impact to the environment and how we can improve our CD and DVD replication processes and packaging materials to be more “green”, we have noticed a trend in this digital era, that more and more companies are distributing their yearly catalogs and manuals in the PDF format on a printed CD; rather than the previous method of printing and binding physical catalogs. Not only are they saving the paper, ink and binding materials in regards to the environment, they are saving money in shipping as a CD weighs much less than a 100 pg printed catalog. It just makes too much sense! Also, VE Associates, Inc. has the ability to create autolaunching welcome screens when the CD is inserted to a PC computer, to help navigate the user to the correct PDF if there are multiple files. The splash screen can also include a logo, a link to the company web site, video clips, photos, audio files, and anything else the end user might find helpful. If you’re still printing your yearly catalogs, give VE a call to discuss making the transition to CD!

May 20

We have been running the blog for a while now but we are officially launching the blog today, in an effort to maintain direct connection with our visitors and clients. Here is a little history on our company -

VE Associates was originally founded in 1986 as a video duplication company. In response to overwhelming client request, VE has evolved into a full-service media development and mass production company; offering one-stop convenience and service for all your CD/DVD projects. We are fully committed to all aspects of CD and DVD media projects but our real specialization is in CD DVD replication and CD DVD duplication.

Our single source project management capabilities allow VE to streamline the process of delivering our clients products and information to the marketplace with speed and accuracy.

With an emphasis on excellent customer service, support and project management, our services include: CD and DVD Authoring, CD and DVD Replication and Duplication, Video Duplication and Conversion Editing, Graphic Design, Silk-Screen, and Offset Printing on Disc, Printed Materials, Packaging, Fulfillment, and Shipping.

Contact VE Associates to get a price quote right away!

Feb 21

If you’re looking for a company that will bend over backward for their client and always give the client a professional, high quality product, visit VE Associates. Over the past 20+ years, VE has provided top notch clients with excellent customer service. That is why we have so much repeat business!

Whether you’re a school instructor and need to duplicate 100 DVDs or a business owner that needs DVD replication to provide your 10,000+ customers with orders, VE is the place to be. Call us to get a free quote! 877-474-7277

VE Associates