Sep 12

September is here, summer is over (even if it’s still hot!), football is back, and our kids are back in school! This also means educators and teachers everywhere are printing study-guides, manuals, books and all sorts of course materials for their students for the semester. This can be quite a headache if they end up dealing with multiple companies and printers who don’t know what the other is doing… This is where VE Associates, Inc. differentiates itself from the rest; by providing a full service, one stop shop for all of their printing needs. From beginning to completion, VE handles all aspects of unique custom printing projects and provides excellent customer service throughout the entire process, leaving customers feeling like that had a positive experience. At VE, we know this time of year can be stressful and busy for educators and understand your experience with getting the materials you need to succeed should not add to your stress, but rather alleviate it. To learn more about how VE can help you with your printing needs, just give us a call at 1-877-474-7277 and speak with one of our knowledgeable account representatives.

Jan 30

VE Associates has been working with more Independent Documentary style film makers to help distribute their films on high quality DVDs. When there is a screening, there’s a good opportunity to sell a retail ready DVD version of the film, and it’s important the quality represents the film in the highest of standards. That’s where VE comes in… we make sure the film is encoded properly in the correct display aspect ratio and with the correct audio stream; whether it be 2.0 or 5.1 surround sound. DVD is still the best way to distribute your film and ensure that the end user will be getting a disc that is the most compatible with computers, dvd players, game consoles, etc. Call VE to find out more about how we can help you get your documentary film professionally authored on to DVD! 1-877-474-7277!

Sep 30

In order to help showcase some of the newest custom packaging services offered by VE Associates, Inc., we have launched a new subdomain - which has information for our customers specifically in regards to our capabilities in offering custom packaging services such as folding cartons, corrugated boxes and custom label printing! We are also printing books, manuals, catalogs, etc. By expanding our printing and packaging services, we are continuing to be the leader in the custom printing and packaging industry and can truly be a one stop resource for our customers. We also specialize in customer service, and helping to direct our clients to the best quality solution for all of their printing needs. For more information, please call VE today and inquire about what new packaging options we have for you and your projects! Call 1-877-474-7277 for more information!

Jan 10

In an effort to become more eco-friendly, VE Associates has started to offer green DVD wallets. There is a completely non plastic option for DVD packaging. The final presentation comes out looking more professional as ever! Many of our clients use this for their DVD replication as well as DVD duplication needs.

Oct 5

In a recent survey conducted by industry professionals, consumers say they still prefer DVD to digital downloads. With all the talk of the future, and digital downloading and the “next big thing”, has anyone stopped to think about what the consumer has to say? If you think about it, we have been listening to music on vinyl, to tape, to cd, to mp3 player and with video, the same thing; VHS to DVD and now Blu-Ray… what’s the common thread? They are tangible physical things we can hold in our hands and own. We can unwrap the shrinkwrap and pop it in our players for the first time. We can store it on our shelves. Did we really think digitally downloaded files would replace this? Maybe for a small select few, but the general public has spoken. “Give us a disc first, and maybe we’ll download it later!”

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