Jul 15

For most of our clients, long-run DVD replication is the process of replicating larger quantity orders; usually a minimum of 1000 units. In long-run DVD replication, the discs are molded, covered in reflective material, and then stamped with the data and printed with high quality processes such as offset or silk screen printing. In the past, this was the best way to get the best quality product as shorter run quantities were at a disadvantage relying on adhesive labels and poor media. However, VE has in the past and continuing in 2011 to invest in the latest in high quality printing equipment to offer the best results to our customers regardless of the desired quantity. This is just another way in which we separate ourselves from the rest!

Jul 1

VE Associates is a certified reseller of Microboards equipment. VE carries a multitude of disc duplication and printing equipment that you can be used to record live events, burn discs in house, print on discs, and a lot more! This is a perfect solution for small companies, churches, musicians, or individuals that create a lot of multimedia for their audience members or who are in need of short run media distribution.

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Jun 23

Dual layered DVD media (DL) discs have been criticized in the past for having compatibility and or quality issues. However now with several years of widespread use and development, VE is comfortable offering a reliable service in Dual Layered DVD Duplication. The media can be printed on just like our standard DVD-Rs and CD-Rs, and packaged in a myriad of options. The advantage for duplicating on Dual Layered media would be if you had a video program or movie longer than what a traditional DVD-R could acommodate at a decent quality, yet you do not have the need for a minimum replication order of 1000; in which we would create what is called a DVD-9 (a dual layered replicated disc.) VE is your one-stop-shop for all of your CD and DVD needs however large or small the quantity.

Jun 2

Many Churches now days are recording their sermons and offering either a CD or download to their congregation members. VE is helping churches in our community by setting them up with the latest in cd duplication and printing equipment to meet their ministry needs. VE is an authorized re-seller of Microboards technology and with the right equipment, Church members can now have a copy of the sermon they just heard on the way out to their car! Contact VE to learn more about their CD and DVD duplication services and CD and DVD duplication equipment.

May 5

With the economy still not out of its slump, companies need to cut costs where they can. Rather than contracting out their duplication or replication projects, they are starting to purchase more disc duplication equipment. Luckily, VE Associates is a fully functioning media company that can service your needs. With very affordable duplication equipment, now you can start to duplicate DVDs and CDs on your own!

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