Oct 29

In our business, clients need to be sure the replicated discs we manufacture will be accurate and compatible with DVD players and DVD software players out there. How do we do that? We run a bit by bit software test of the original master on all orders to verify there are no bad sectors on the disc. After we create a glass master and stamper, we put it on the line and replicate a set of check discs to also be verified and QC tested on multiple players. Not everyone employs this end to end process of quality control, but it is one of the reasons VE has become the best in the industry at ensuring there are no bad discs! Combine our data verification process with our exceptional customer service and project management, and it becomes clear why VE Associates is the “go to” company for clients that need to make sure their project is done right!

Jul 15

For most of our clients, long-run DVD replication is the process of replicating larger quantity orders; usually a minimum of 1000 units. In long-run DVD replication, the discs are molded, covered in reflective material, and then stamped with the data and printed with high quality processes such as offset or silk screen printing. In the past, this was the best way to get the best quality product as shorter run quantities were at a disadvantage relying on adhesive labels and poor media. However, VE has in the past and continuing in 2011 to invest in the latest in high quality printing equipment to offer the best results to our customers regardless of the desired quantity. This is just another way in which we separate ourselves from the rest!

Jan 10

In an effort to become more eco-friendly, VE Associates has started to offer green DVD wallets. There is a completely non plastic option for DVD packaging. The final presentation comes out looking more professional as ever! Many of our clients use this for their DVD replication as well as DVD duplication needs.

Jul 16

For over 20 years VE has been recognized as your one stop shop for your media distribution needs whether it be CD, DVD replication and duplication and/or packaging, fulfillment and shipping. And now with Blu-ray capability and flash drive duplication services, VE is still gaining the reputation and client base fitting of a quality dvd replication services company that offer clients the best quality for the best price.

Jul 1

VE Associates is a certified reseller of Microboards equipment. VE carries a multitude of disc duplication and printing equipment that you can be used to record live events, burn discs in house, print on discs, and a lot more! This is a perfect solution for small companies, churches, musicians, or individuals that create a lot of multimedia for their audience members or who are in need of short run media distribution.

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