May 29

As we become increasingly more aware of our own impact to the environment and how we can improve our CD and DVD replication processes and packaging materials to be more “green”, we have noticed a trend in this digital era, that more and more companies are distributing their yearly catalogs and manuals in the PDF format on a printed CD; rather than the previous method of printing and binding physical catalogs. Not only are they saving the paper, ink and binding materials in regards to the environment, they are saving money in shipping as a CD weighs much less than a 100 pg printed catalog. It just makes too much sense! Also, VE Associates, Inc. has the ability to create autolaunching welcome screens when the CD is inserted to a PC computer, to help navigate the user to the correct PDF if there are multiple files. The splash screen can also include a logo, a link to the company web site, video clips, photos, audio files, and anything else the end user might find helpful. If you’re still printing your yearly catalogs, give VE a call to discuss making the transition to CD!

Apr 2

One of the many reasons why choosing VE Associates as your DVD replicator for any of your upcoming retail ready dvd replication projects, is the fact that nobody can get it done as fast as VE Associates. VE actually specializes in quick turn times without compromising any of the quality control processes associated with high quality replication that we employ on all of our orders. Also, VE Associates can make sure the printed pieces of your project are printing simultaneously with your discs being replicated so that packaging and fullfilment can take place at the earliest possible stage ensuring that VE can ship on time and make any deadline. Call VE at 1-877-474-7277 to learn more about how VE can turn your project quicker than the rest of the competition!

Mar 6

Are you an educator that has required text reading and multiple handouts/materials needed for your students to succeed in your class? Maybe you have a video series, a text book and a study guide that support your course curriculum; and you never thought about how they can be printed or packaged together & cohesively because your items are so different from each other? That’s where VE Associates, Inc. comes in! The experts at VE help instructors of all kinds from health experts such as yoga teachers, nutrition experts, self defense instructors, etc. to spiritual teachers such as pastors, preachers and self help experts to put together their course materials in a professional yet affordable solution that keeps all your materials printed in the same family of style. VE can print books, study guides, manuals, etc. along with your supporting media, DVDs, CDs, Flash Drives, etc. and package them all together in best way possible. VE Associates, Inc. actually does it all and truly is your one stop solution for all your printing and packaging needs!

Feb 8
Did you know that VE is in the book printing business as well? VE Associates, Inc. is now offering competitive pricing for the high quality printing of books, manuals, catalogs and directories. VE can support both offset and digital printing with a full array of binding options, making VE a great choice for full-service printing, packaging and fulfillment services. To learn more, check out our new subdomain or please call us at 877-474-7277.
Sep 13

With schools back in session, professionals back from their vacations and our overall business back in full operation, VE is continuing to lead the DVD replication and packaging industry in the development of new printing and packaging products that are appropriate for times. One of the ways we do this is by constantly exploring new eco-friendly materials, inks, and intelligent solutions for the packaging and distribution of multi-disc sets. With our expert staff, innovative approach and excellent customer service, there isn’t a project VE Associates, Inc. can’t handle or find the best solution for; which helps us maintain our best in the industry turn-times; by which we’ve become known for. Our CD & DVD replication & printing capabilities allow us to continue to offer the very best possible project experience from beginning to end. Call us today to learn more about our award winning service! 1-877-474-7277

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