Nov 19

You may be wondering about how Hollywood movie franchises such as Star Wars, Iron Man, Spider Man, Lord of the Rings, etc. distribute a complete collections of their movies - download? Well, yes but that’s still not very popular… when was the last time you were excited to download 5 movies in HD? How about when you see a nicely packaged shrink wrapped Blu-ray or DVD box set of your favorite movie franchise or TV show in the store? That beautiful box set would be great to own, and sure would make a great gift for the Holidays wouldn’t it? Or how about your Krav Maga, workout or Yoga training box sets; or a limited release Audio CD Box set edition from your favorite band? Still interested in downloading it? Or would you prefer to proudly display it with your audio CD collection in your living room and read the beautifully printed inserts? VE offers the best solutions in multi-packing DVDs and CDs in regular or slimline cases in a nice outer box that holds everything and can be packaged together and shrink wrapped ready for retail. What project do you have that this would be perfect for? How about a “best of” series of your favorite genre of musical performances? The possibilities are endless, and really, people still get excited to own these box sets! Call VE today for more information on how to get the full box set treatment done for your next project!

Jul 14

Since blu-ray has become the emerging technology, DVD Replication companies like ourselves, are trying to bring blu-ray replication services to our customers for an affordable price. Blu-ray discs are capable of holding much more information than regular DVD discs and with more and more households converting their TVs to HD, blu-ray steam is picking up. To find out more information about blu-ray discs, keep checking our website,, and look to our many services and how we can provide the right solution for your business.

Oct 5

In a recent survey conducted by industry professionals, consumers say they still prefer DVD to digital downloads. With all the talk of the future, and digital downloading and the “next big thing”, has anyone stopped to think about what the consumer has to say? If you think about it, we have been listening to music on vinyl, to tape, to cd, to mp3 player and with video, the same thing; VHS to DVD and now Blu-Ray… what’s the common thread? They are tangible physical things we can hold in our hands and own. We can unwrap the shrinkwrap and pop it in our players for the first time. We can store it on our shelves. Did we really think digitally downloaded files would replace this? Maybe for a small select few, but the general public has spoken. “Give us a disc first, and maybe we’ll download it later!”

Jul 21

As we have mentioned blu-ray technology in our blog before, we thought it would be worth another mention.

Blu ray replication is here to stay. Though this technology is still new, it is gaining popularity every day. Blu-Ray players are still substantially more expensive than regular DVD players, but once the prices drop, it is good to be prepared by having your marketing needs ahead of the game.

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May 19

It was announced today that blu-ray is expanding into a wider selection at mega stores, like WalMart. Being a cutting edge media company, VE Associates has offered blu-ray replication since last year. For a free, competitive quote, please visit VE

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