Nov 19

You may be wondering about how Hollywood movie franchises such as Star Wars, Iron Man, Spider Man, Lord of the Rings, etc. distribute a complete collections of their movies - download? Well, yes but that’s still not very popular… when was the last time you were excited to download 5 movies in HD? How about when you see a nicely packaged shrink wrapped Blu-ray or DVD box set of your favorite movie franchise or TV show in the store? That beautiful box set would be great to own, and sure would make a great gift for the Holidays wouldn’t it? Or how about your Krav Maga, workout or Yoga training box sets; or a limited release Audio CD Box set edition from your favorite band? Still interested in downloading it? Or would you prefer to proudly display it with your audio CD collection in your living room and read the beautifully printed inserts? VE offers the best solutions in multi-packing DVDs and CDs in regular or slimline cases in a nice outer box that holds everything and can be packaged together and shrink wrapped ready for retail. What project do you have that this would be perfect for? How about a “best of” series of your favorite genre of musical performances? The possibilities are endless, and really, people still get excited to own these box sets! Call VE today for more information on how to get the full box set treatment done for your next project!

May 29

As we become increasingly more aware of our own impact to the environment and how we can improve our CD and DVD replication processes and packaging materials to be more “green”, we have noticed a trend in this digital era, that more and more companies are distributing their yearly catalogs and manuals in the PDF format on a printed CD; rather than the previous method of printing and binding physical catalogs. Not only are they saving the paper, ink and binding materials in regards to the environment, they are saving money in shipping as a CD weighs much less than a 100 pg printed catalog. It just makes too much sense! Also, VE Associates, Inc. has the ability to create autolaunching welcome screens when the CD is inserted to a PC computer, to help navigate the user to the correct PDF if there are multiple files. The splash screen can also include a logo, a link to the company web site, video clips, photos, audio files, and anything else the end user might find helpful. If you’re still printing your yearly catalogs, give VE a call to discuss making the transition to CD!

Jan 30

VE Associates has been working with more Independent Documentary style film makers to help distribute their films on high quality DVDs. When there is a screening, there’s a good opportunity to sell a retail ready DVD version of the film, and it’s important the quality represents the film in the highest of standards. That’s where VE comes in… we make sure the film is encoded properly in the correct display aspect ratio and with the correct audio stream; whether it be 2.0 or 5.1 surround sound. DVD is still the best way to distribute your film and ensure that the end user will be getting a disc that is the most compatible with computers, dvd players, game consoles, etc. Call VE to find out more about how we can help you get your documentary film professionally authored on to DVD! 1-877-474-7277!

Aug 17

DVD Replication is still the most effective way to distribute video to the masses. VE Associates is working with many new independent documentary film producers that wish to distribute their work on replicated DVDs they can trust; to help gain viewership and support of various causes in the most cost effective way possible. VE has been helping author/create and replicate solid playable replicated DVD versions of their previously aired documentaries ranging from Offroad events, Motorcycle clubs, and the treatment of Vietnam Vets after they returned home. VE understands the years of work and dedication it takes to put together a quality documentary. It’s this reason that more and more film makers are trusting VE Associates with their authoring, dvd replication, printing and packaging of their project because they know it will be done right with the highest level of customer service and support. If you know anyone that has made their own documentary, have them call VE to get the ball rolling on getting it replicated and seen on DVD!

Aug 10

The formatting stage of DVD authoring is the most important stage in guaranteeing a quality product. You want to make sure you are formatting correctly, using only industry standard software and media. This is the stage where you have control over track ordering, track skipping, user controls, layer-breaks, etc. For a DVD-9, dual layered media is accepted however formatting each layer to separate DLT tapes is still a more stable and reliable format over dual layered DVD-Rs. If you are in need of CSS, yet you do not have a DLT machine, call VE today and we will format your DVD Studio Pro project to DLT tapes for you. VE pride’s itself in being able to help and support our client’s needs in every aspect of creating a quality product.

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