Jun 16

VE is hard at work developing new packaging concepts that not only help to cut down on harmful pollutants, but also help engage your customer right at first site. In todays world of Social Media and over saturation of advertisements on the internet, a well designed package of your product can be that one thing that helps you to stand out from the rest. At VE, we know all about how to impress and engage customers through dynamic packaging solutions. We also understand that every product has its own packaging needs and its own solution. This is why VE is currently developing a entire new set of custom packaging options that extend beyond disc packaging; to help you to better engage your customers. Are you curious yet?? We hope so and we’re very excited!! Give us a call today to see how what we’re up to and how we can help you with your next packaging project! - 877-474-7277!

Mar 6

Are you an educator that has required text reading and multiple handouts/materials needed for your students to succeed in your class? Maybe you have a video series, a text book and a study guide that support your course curriculum; and you never thought about how they can be printed or packaged together & cohesively because your items are so different from each other? That’s where VE Associates, Inc. comes in! The experts at VE help instructors of all kinds from health experts such as yoga teachers, nutrition experts, self defense instructors, etc. to spiritual teachers such as pastors, preachers and self help experts to put together their course materials in a professional yet affordable solution that keeps all your materials printed in the same family of style. VE can print books, study guides, manuals, etc. along with your supporting media, DVDs, CDs, Flash Drives, etc. and package them all together in best way possible. VE Associates, Inc. actually does it all and truly is your one stop solution for all your printing and packaging needs!

Feb 8
Did you know that VE is in the book printing business as well? VE Associates, Inc. is now offering competitive pricing for the high quality printing of books, manuals, catalogs and directories. VE can support both offset and digital printing with a full array of binding options, making VE a great choice for full-service printing, packaging and fulfillment services. To learn more, check out our new subdomain http://books.veassociates.com or please call us at 877-474-7277.
Nov 15

Every year VE experiences the “Holiday Crunch” which is just a fancy term for all of our clients wanting their orders to ship before the Holidays arrive. We understand this, so we like to start telling our clients now to put in their orders early and allow for a few more days of turn time to ensure delivery on time. With VE offering new custom packaging services at http://packaging.veassociates.com and printing on a variety of unique folding cartons, corrugated boxes and labels, we are gearing up for a busy Holiday ready to accommodate our usual seasonal CDs, DVDs and mailers type orders. We love this time of year, and love being a one stop solution for our clients with all of their Holiday printing and disc replication needs… Get your order in today to beat the Holiday rush!

For more information, please call VE today and inquire about what new packaging options we have for you and your products! Call 1-877-474-7277 for more information!

Sep 30

In order to help showcase some of the newest custom packaging services offered by VE Associates, Inc., we have launched a new subdomain - http://packaging.veassociates.com which has information for our customers specifically in regards to our capabilities in offering custom packaging services such as folding cartons, corrugated boxes and custom label printing! We are also printing books, manuals, catalogs, etc. By expanding our printing and packaging services, we are continuing to be the leader in the custom printing and packaging industry and can truly be a one stop resource for our customers. We also specialize in customer service, and helping to direct our clients to the best quality solution for all of their printing needs. For more information, please call VE today and inquire about what new packaging options we have for you and your projects! Call 1-877-474-7277 for more information!

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